Best brand for racing bike tyre is Pirelli tyre for Honda cbr

There is the number of the brand for racing bike tyre but Pirelli is the most popular and latest technology oriented brand. The racing bike has a very different quality than another normal bike as their controlling on running as well as break performance. You may find the right choice for you CBR bike in best brand Pirelli tyre with full of the following qualities-

Performance in summer:

Summer carries high temperature so the road gets heated and due to molecular collision their resistance increases. Due to the increase of temperature the molecular motion inside the road gets high so that their rolling friction gets increases. The actual reason for heating of tyre on running is resistance between tyre and road in which mechanical energy converts into heat.

Performance on the wet road:

Wet road contains a molecule of water distributed all over the road so the slipping probability increases. Since the inter atomic spacing of liquid is more than solid and layer of molecules of water slip on one another. Water molecules get increases in between the road and the tyre so the slipping probability of the bike gets increases. Since more water on the road is the reason for decreasing the adhesive force of attraction between the road and the tyre. So wet road affects tyre and decreases their grip with the road as well as reduces the life of the tyre.

Performance on the cemented road:

As we know that cemented road has very less elasticity than the road of tar coal. So the contact of tyre with road gives a hard impact on the tyre and so that tyre gets rubbed. Less flexibility of road is the reason for decreasing the mileage of the bike due to the more rolling friction. Also due to so much rolling friction, the speeds of the bike get reduced and the driver feels problem in driving.

Technical point of view:

The technology of the Pirelli tyre is very strong and latest which is more effective for the bike. Most of the tyres of other brands are not so much technically manufactured therefore their performance is not so good. The upper surface of the Pirelli tyres is designed so as their life increased and mileage of bike is also affected.

Therefore Pirelli tyre for Honda CBR is a very good tyre and their quality is very high than other brand’s tyre. We have a good collection of various Pirelli tyres in our showroom.

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